// it's ok to blow your own damn mind //

Welcome to the newest version of you - The sexy, confident, and empowered bad bitch you have inside. She's dying to come out. SHE NEEDS TO BE SEEN. If you've ever needed permission; HERE IT IS.  Not only are you allowed to feel this way, but I will make sure that during your shoot you are comfortable.

Let me upgrade ya. ;) 

I know you want to feel sexy. You want to embody a fucking goddess. I will have you loving every inch of your body by showing you how to pose, highlighting the ASS-ets you love about yourself, and helping to provide the confidence that you deserve. 

And have you feeling like not just a snack; but the whole damn meal.

Hello, Gorgeous!

I'm your photographer, makeup artist, and hairstylist.

My name is Magan; I'm here to EMPOWER you. I'm here to make you feel like the baddie you are.

 As a licensed Cosmetologist, for the last 10 years. I am here to provide you with a one of a kind, up close and very personal experience. We will spend our time laughing, getting to know each other and possibly twerking to Lizzo while I style your hair and makeup to tousled perfection. 

Remember playing 'dress up' when you were young? This is like that, but WAY more fun and with much less clothing. ;)


From the window, to the wall..

to the bed; I love it all.

Hi!! I'm Magan.

I'm engaged to my best friend, Jared. Together we are raising my four kids, two boys and two girls. They're each a different version of my personality, and you can catch us jamming or having random dance parties in the kitchen on the regular.

 We've also got a Boxer/Pit named Cookie, (we snagged her from the Detroit Dog Rescue), and a Maine Coon named Mini.

Regardless if you’re wearing it or not, your Boudoir photos will be Gucci.



Metro Detroit • Worldwide


The Juice

your personal empowerment

There is no judgement. This is a safe space. And we say "fuck" a lot. 


Quit using the excuse "when I do XYZ, or when I have the "confidence" - BOOK THE DAMN SHOOT. This is what we work on! And truthfully, you don't need it to be about empowerment.. It can just be because you want to show off your sexy!

Step One:  Get in Touch!!

Step Two: Phone Consultation - Let's get to know each other, via phone call or FaceTime (Promise it'll make things less scary seeing or hearing a real person!)

Step Three: I'll send you the Styling Guide for help on what to wear, and do's and dont's before your shoot!

Step Four: DO THE DAMN THING!  Show up for your shoot, and be prepared to have a fuckin' blast! 


And I'm gunna give it to you.

When you think of a Boudoir shoot.. Most people are thinking - FUCK. I'm scared.
And that's OKAY.  Because hunny, I'm going to get you in the right state of mind for this shit. 
Not to mention, a glass of wine, mimosa or somethin' like that can really help you relax. While I'm doing your hair; sip on that. We will have some time to get to know each other and really get you comfy before I have you take it off for me. This isn't a 'wam bam thank you ma'am'  kind of thing. We take our time. ;) 
We're going to have a mini-dance session to your favorite song to get you pumped up, and feeling good. 
After your session, I will sit down with you - and edit your images right in front of you. I want you to leave with the instant gratification of feeling absolutely fabulous. 

You deserve it baby

You deserve it all.

invest in the THRILL

Be shameless, in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

For many women, the confidence they find and enjoy while being photographed rubs off on them for rest of their life, allowing them to feel more free and powerful once they walk out the door.  Pushing them to encourage and empower other women to have the same experience. This is not a cult, this is a lifestyle. When you exude confidence, everything around you changes for the better.

It's powerful because it's out of your comfort zone. It's truly LIVING life.  It's pushing boundaries, and it's changing who you are because of that.  Simply put, it makes you more of who you really are. 

let's do this!

invest outside of your

Comfort Zone

My luxury Boudoir sessions include a complementary studio, Skype/FaceTime or phone consultation to prepare you for your session. *Run of the house (check out my studio). *Complementary Wine or Champagne. *High-end, magazine quality retouching *A private reveal session with over 50 stunning images to choose from.

*YES, I travel!! And I LOVE it, if you want me to come to you – hit me up!! 

all the juicy details

Boudoir Investment 

A boudoir session investment depends on the package chosen and includes a private studio in Howell, professional makeup application and hair styling, image retouching, an in person photo reveal of your gallery the same day, one hour after your session to view and purchase your products and digital files, and an instant boost of self esteem. Most clients invest an average of $1000-$2200 for my services and products.

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